This weekend April 30 | Local Footy

It has been a while since I have posted to the website, but, there has been a bit going on and I’ve had to focus on work.

This weekend in the Central Murray Football Netball League, there is an interesting experiment (what I call it). There will be a night match played at Cohuna between the home team Cohuna and the Koondrook Barham Raiders.

Why at Cohuna? Cohuna has recently had a lighting tower upgrade. Honestly, I didn’t realise that the lights would be an issue for Football. Sure for motocross/supercross/arenacross they are detrimental to safety seeing jumps and landing etc, football is just a few guys running around catching a ball. I thought lights around the area would support a night game as they support night training.

Photography wise, an interesting experiment. I have photographed supercross/arenacross at night before, so photographing at night will not bother me, over the years I have collected equipment. I assume football night shooting will be like supercross/arenacross to a point, no flash into the eyes, so that means no flash at all or a strict use of a modifier. I have the ability to move flash power across an oval. I bought a handy modifier that I tested in overcast conditions at Lake Boga, and the power was too much I could not adjust settings to allow an image not to be overexposed.

Looking forward to Saturday and night experiment lights and local footballers having the opportunity to play footy under lights. Working for the paper I only need 1-4 images, but when I am having fun I become trigger happy and snap away, and great players make the job easy. So feel free to say help and talk about cameras and settings. I am always happy to share my settings and what works for me. These settings may not work for you, but at least you’ll have settings to reverse engineer.

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