Local Football Netball Bye

The two football leagues in the Kerang area have a scheduled school holiday bye this weekend. I haven’t decided if it is good or bad for the sport. I am not in favour of byes; it seems hard for teams to keep the momentum after a bye.

Sports with many rounds in a series builds friendships, and creates a community of passionate fan base. according to the 2021 Census 2,933,646 people in Australia said they did unpaid voluntary work for an organisation or group. This is a 19 per cent the decrease from 2016.

Volunteering is what makes amateur sporting clubs in Australia, and without volunteers, a club is at threat of folding.

Volunteering builds self-worth.

Volunteering should not be seen as a negative thing.

If someone can not spend an hour or two a week helping community sport then Australia is in trouble.

A keystone of Australian values are sport, the bbq, and helping your mates. If volunteering is lost, the little things will be missed, and that is a very sad prospect.

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