The Bridge Out now

It has been a busy week. On Monday, I packed up my computer and bought it home, to be able to work from home as Kerang prepares to be isolated. It has been great to see the community work towards a common good, filling sandbags or providing supplies and food to the volunteers. It has been a surreal feeling. In 2011, I was a few weeks past my last knee surgery, and with complications saw me admitted to the Kerang Hilton. I didn’t see what was happening until I was released. That was a shock. But I went down to the SES unity where my Army Training kicked in.

In emergency situations, communities need local news. With websites/apps/media operated remotely or just fly-in during a disaster, it is the local newspaper that stays in the community without the big budget or being able to hire a helicopter. To support the community newspaper, either place an advertisement, provide information for an article (with low budgets staff can’t be everywhere), purchase a paper, or subscribe. Keep your local newspapers alive. Don’t let them be purchased by a big media company like Fairfax which will place the local news last.

Support a local independent paper by placing an advert or classified and purchasing either the printed form or digital subscription.

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