Kerang down to 1 road out

The Kerang Koondrook Road has been closed as water from the Pyramid Creek crosses the road. The only way to travel in and out of Kerang is not via the Murrabit Road.

A list of closed roads includes:

  • Murray Valley Highway between the Loddon Valley Highway and Cohuna
  • Loddon Valley Highway between Bendigo and Kerang
  • Murray Valley Highway between Patchell Bridges, Kerang, and Benjeroop-Tresco Road
  • Kerang – Koondrook Road
  • Adamthwaite Road, Quambatook (between Kerang-Quambatook and Swan Hill-Quambatook roads)
  • Appin South Road, Appin South
  • Boort-Quambatook Road, Gredgwin (between Furey and Mosquito Creek roads)
  • Connelly Road, Dingwall (between Dip and Hawthorne roads)
  • Doyle Road, Quambatook
  • Flood Lane, Reedy Lake (detour via McFarlane Lane)
  • Gilmour Lane, Tragowel
  • Harrisons Road, Horfield (between Flannerys and Horfield School roads)
  • Haynes Lane, Kerang
  • Kelly Road, Tragowel
  • Kenny Road, Kerang (between Kerang-Koondrook and Phillips roads)
  • Knight Road, Quambatook
  • Koondrook Boat Ramp
  • Lehmanns Road, Barraport
  • Mansfield Road, Horfield (between Hildebrand Road and Box Creek Bridge)
  • Marshall Road,Wandella
  • Meering Road, Quambatook
  • Meering West Road, Meering West (between Crump and Lester Smith roads)
  • Murphys Lake Road, Kerang (between Macorna Main Channel and Loddon Shire Council boundary)
  • Ninyeunook Road, Ninyeunook (between Gannawarra Shire Council boundary and Holmes Bridge Road)
  • Old Echuca Road, Kerang East
  • Old Kerang Road, Kerang (between Collins and Taverner roads)
  • Peerman Road, Kerang
  • Potter Road, Dingwall (between Kerang-Boort and Douglas roads)
  • Quambatook-Boort Road (between Ritchie Road and Furey Road, as well as between Mosquito Creek Road and Loddon Shire Council boundary)
  • Quambatook South Road, Oakvale
  • Shelley Lane, Wandella (between Dip and Wandella roads)
  • Suttie Road, Quambatook (between Kerang-Quambatook and Quambatook-Swan Hill roads)
  • Violet Bank Road, Appin South
  • Walker Road, Dingwall (between Dip and Hawthorne roads)
  • Weir Road, Kerang
  • Weir Road, Quambatook
  • Wise Road, Kerang
  • Wood Lane, Appin
  • Wren Road, Appin

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