Murray River Shire Road Closures

Murray Shire list of Roads closed:

The following roads and areas are now closed due to flooding or damaged roads
– Tantoonan Road, Tantoonan
– Amberdell Road, Mathoura
– Colligen Creek East Road, Calimo
– Caloola Road, Moama
– Yallakool Road (north of Barham Road), Caldwell

The following roads are reopened
– Old Echuca Moama Bridge – open to both north and south-bound traffic.

 Please note the following roads may be impacted by water. Please take additional care on these roads. The following roads may close if water levels continue to rise
– Koraleigh-Tooleybuc Road, various sections
– Barham – Deniliquin Road, Caldwell
– Aratula Road, Aratula
– Caldwell Line Road (unsealed section), Caldwell
– Calimo Road, Calimo
– Brassi Road, Calimo

All roads across Council’s area are being impacted differently, both sealed and unsealed roads. Please take additional care when driving through the region.

Please note the following roads and areas remain closed due to flooding
– Gee Gee Bridge – both approaches are closed.
– Noorong Road, both approached to the Gee Gee bridge – local traffic only
– Womboota Road, Womboota
– Milgate Road, Moama
– Barmah Road, from the corner of Cobb Highway
– Picnic Point Road, Mathoura to Picnic Point
– Barnes Road, Moama
– Old Deniliquin Road, Moama
– Gonn Road (from North Barham Road intersection to Murrabit Road), Barham
– Chanter Street – (outside the Township Levy) as per the Emergency Evacuation Orders for East Moama
– Cobb Highway (New Bridge) closed to all southbound traffic only from Meninya Street corner
– Dungala Way, Moama
– Blair Street, Moama
– Moama Skate Park (Blair Street)
– Moama Soundshell & playground
– Horseshoe Lagoon, Moama
– Millewa Road, Mathoura
– Amor Rd, Moulamein
– Dhuragoon Rd, Moulamein
– Nacurrie North Rd, Moulamein
– Pike Pike Rd, Moulamein
– Waugorah Rd, Waugorah
– Blair Street South, Moama (below the skate park)

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