Access to and from Kerang

Kerang residents and motorists are advised that due to the Loddon River floods, the below routes into the town are closed:

  • Murray Valley Highway between the Loddon Valley Highway and Cohuna
  • Loddon Valley Highway between Bendigo and Kerang
  • Murray Valley Highway between Patchell Bridges, Kerang, and Benjeroop-Tresco Road
  • Kerang-Koondrook Road

Access between Kerang and Swan Hill is still possible via Kerang-Murrabit Road, Murrabit West Road, Benjeroop-Lake Charm Road, and the Murray Valley Highway.

Local road closures

The following Council-managed roads are closed due to flooding (information correct as of 7.30 am Wednesday, 26 October):

  • Adamthwaite Road, Quambatook (between Kerang-Quambatook and Swan Hill-Quambatook roads)
  • Appin South Road, Appin South
  • Benjeroop-Tresco Road, Benjeroop
  • Boort-Quambatook Road, Gredgwin (between Furey and Mosquito Creek roads)
  • Connelly Road, Dingwall (between Dip and Hawthorne roads)
  • Doyle Road, Quambatook
  • Flood Lane, Reedy Lake (detour via McFarlane Lane)
  • Gilmour Lane, Tragowel
  • Harrisons Road, Horfield (between Flannerys and Horfield School roads)
  • Haynes Lane, Kerang
  • Kelly Road, Tragowel
  • Kenny Road, Kerang (between Kerang-Koondrook and Phillips roads)
  • Kerang-Leitchville Road (between Kerang-Macorna and Greens roads)
  • Knight Road, Quambatook
  • Koondrook Boat Ramp
  • Lehmanns Road, Barraport
  • Mansfield Road, Horfield (between Hildebrand Road and Box Creek Bridge)
  • Marshall Road,Wandella
  • Meering Road, Quambatook
  • Meering West Road, Meering West (between Crump and Lester Smith roads)
  • Murphys Lake Road, Kerang (between Macorna Main Channel and Loddon Shire Council boundary)
  • Ninyeunook Road, Ninyeunook (between Gannawarra Shire Council boundary and Holmes Bridge Road)
  • Old Echuca Road, Kerang East
  • Old Kerang Road, Kerang (between Collins and Taverner roads)
  • Peerman Road, Kerang
  • Potter Road, Dingwall (between Kerang-Boort and Douglas roads)
  • Quambatook-Boort Road (between Ritchie Road and Furey Road, as well as between Mosquito Creek Road and Loddon Shire Council boundary)
  • Quambatook South Road, Oakvale
  • Shelley Lane, Wandella (between Dip and Wandella roads)
  • Suttie Road, Quambatook (between Kerang-Quambatook and Quambatook-Swan Hill roads)
  • Violet Bank Road, Appin South
  • Walker Road, Dingwall (between Dip and Hawthorne roads)
  • Weir Road, Kerang
  • Weir Road, Quambatook
  • Wise Road, Kerang
  • Wood Lane, Appin
  • Wren Road, Appin
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