RIP Drone Replacement on the way

After being sidelined for days with horrible weather. I looked at the wind and the app said okay up to 100 meters, which was fine as under the rules 120 meters is as high as I can go. Plus all the helicopters and planes around Kerang, also made it hard to launch the drone as I have to land when other aircraft are in the area.

Long story short, I wasn’t thinking and got a bit close to a Gum Tree and with the wind, well, hello smashed drone. I tell you, it won’t happen again. I have learned. I do have DJI care package and now in the process of getting replacement, and the next one hopefully won’t get stuck in a tree and have to be shaken out and I miss the catch before hitting the water 🙂

By the looks, the flood water will be around Kerang for a while, so will be interesting how much damage and water will be around when the replacement drone arrives.

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