Sonic Speedway Venue Test Review

Saturday night I had the chance to test my little livestream kit at the Sonic Speedway Swan Hill. Chisholm Reserve has always been difficult with data. I did testing back in the day for motocross and I could just get an audio feed out. Plus with the number of people with smartphones the bandwidth via Pluto before reaching your device. I am after upload speed, not so much download speed, but it does help to confirm Youtube settings.

Knowing I could have issues. I tested the encoder backup system. It worked great. Now I just have to tweak the settings.

I had a great time. Thanks, Sonic Speedway for the opportunity.

Content is still being processed by YouTube, at the time of this post. Once complete viewers can watch the whole Swan Hill Event. Just waiting on a song playing in the background to be muted due to a copywrite request.

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