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I am not sure how I back interested in Politics. I like history. I have had a press pass to the FIM the oldest racing organisation. It was a great experience, and hopefully one day I will get back to photographing world motocross.

I am also not sure why I started following Pauline Hanson. I can remember when she was in jail. I can remember her interviews in her fish and chips shop. Watching her develop in politics has been a fascinating ride. Like all rides, there are some fun times.

Before the last election, Pauline Hanson made some cartoons for YouTube. Satire humour about Federal politics. This year, Pauline has continued with the cartoons. They are released on Fridays. Regardless of which political persuasion, if you need a laugh, watch the cartoons and learn politics at the same time.

From Pauline’s Facebook Page.

Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain 


Here’s your sneak peek of tomorrow’s episode of Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain!

Points if you are able to name the lucky individuals who will be getting the Please Explain treatment!

If you are enjoying the series and want to ensure we keep getting new episodes each and every week the best way to support is by purchasing the Please Explain Rum Nation Directors Batch Package.


The Please Explain – Rum Nation Director’s Batch package includes an exclusive, hand-signed bottle of Queensland rum that recognises your extra financial contribution to Series 2 of Please Explain.

Buyers of this limited edition batch of 5000 bottles will be given an on screen credit at the end of one episode produced in 2023, and a Director’s Stubby Cooler.

Each bottle will be individually numbered and personally signed by Pauline Hanson.

Package Includes

-700ML bottle of Queensland Rum

-Hand Signed by Pauline Hanson

-Director’s Credit on one episode of Please Explain

-Stubby Cooler

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Note: Buyers can opt out of having their name published on screen, or nominate a family member in lieu of their own name. Creators reserve the right to refuse unsuitable names.

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