May 11 Bridge is out now

While I was away enjoying a friend’s wedding, the Bridge crew still handled business as normal.

Unfortunately, the Raiders Seniors suffered another loss. I hope I see the Raider’s former glory, as the past three years have been quite challenging for the club. The Raiders are a young side, and they will be a good team when all the cards are out to play. But instead, the youth is manhandled by teams that don’t have youth, so they choose dirty tackles to achieve the ball instead of being fair. And I have no tolerance for spear tackles. Nothing has occurred at the time of writing, and I am still waiting for two return phone calls. I have been told last weekend, a swing tackle injured Alex Molin. Probably good I was away. Molin is a great player to watch. And if any Raiders player is injured because of dirty play, then I am a charging bull. I can handle rough hip and shoulders; I draw the line at spear and swing tackles. I suppose because of my motorsports background, I see what can happen with serious head and neck injuries, which can be life-changing. The Raiders face Woorinen at the tiger’s den this Saturday. I saw the Tigers demolish the Kangas at Cohuna in the wet Good Friday. The Tigers come off a bye; maybe they have a few injuries like the Raiders do. Hopefully, there is one great quarter to build on for the Raiders.

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