June 15 Bridge Out Now

The June 15 edition of The Bridge is out now.

I had the opportunity to see my first interleague matches since I was a teenager. We have some very talented juniors in the league. And some super-talented Kerang kids. I love watching players improve and achieve their goals; hard work pays off. Young local Harry Bremner from Kerang won the Best on Ground in the Under 16s. I enjoyed watching the night match. The learning opportunity for the players was unmeasurable. Listening to the coaches taught me things I never thought of or my book has taught me. I have come from a time when coaches nearly blew a blood vessel in their speeches in between quarters. These days there are whiteboards, focused talk, and quiet in the huddle. The game is quite technical when you study what is going on. It is not just run and kick.

Harry Bremner
Harry Bremner, Captain of the Under 16s InterLeague team. Also kicked a few goals and was a team player sharing the ball. A bright future for a lad if he wants to pursue a career in football.
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