cluBarham Junior Bowls issues back up

Living in a rural community, if you want decent speed of internet or mobile coverage you have to choose Telstra as your mobile carrier. I have a frustrated relationship with Telstra. If I had the funds now I’d transfer to StarLink. One of the frustrating issues with Telstra, the restricting an account without notice, regardless of your credit or debt. I have a business mobile account, you’d think that would be better… No. Wake up on a certain day and find your account is restricted. You ring, because you have no internet to use the app, and it takes HOURS to fix. With the cause, your bill was due 5 days ago. Wouldn’t it be great to get a 24-hour warning text? That way you’d either pay it or request a payment extension. In my opinion, 80% of Telstra’s issues could be fixed with a 24-hour warning system. We have busy lives, and people forget things.

I also have a 15-buck SIM on that business account. Every time my account is restricted (as this genius forgot to pay it), I have to make sure that the SIM is also removed from its restriction. I always forget this. I remember when I need it.

From 9 am this morning, I was texting back and forth on the app to an AI bot that had me in circles for HOURS. When I received a human response, the issue still was not fixed, by 2 pm, I had enough of the whole crap. The issue is still not fixed.

It seems that when the internet drops out, the video switcher has to be restarted as the youtube website doesn’t recognise when the switch returns to streaming. There were a few restarts today.

Also with background music, I expect YouTube to find copywritten song material, due to the awesome radio at the dome. I will fix each ‘find’ if/when they occur.

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