Goal Post Cam goes mobile

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get permission from the club to run my goal post cam on a goal post, so we went mobile. I fully understand why people don’t want to chat to the media.

I am pretty cruisy when chatting to people, and unless I say, ‘can I quote you on that’ and pull out my recorder, it doesn’t go anywhere. I just keep it in the memory bank for when something happens; I understand the situation better. And I wouldn’t want personal texts spread around; the theory is still the same. Can I quote you on that? As a text, it doesn’t go anywhere, either. It just adds background.

I have been bought up to behave in a manner, treat people how you wish to be treated, and with the added flare of Kendallism ‘if you treat me like shite, I’ll do the same.’

I’d like to think that I have credibility. As in, if people can’t trust you, why would they tell you stuff? I know I wouldn’t. What annoys me the most these days is the females that reported on Brittany Higgins. Lisa Wilkinson and Samantha Maiden have made the world of female journalism difficult. Who will trust female journalists with the negative publicity of these two? Plus the other female journalists that talk down to people and in an effort not to wet their pants to quickly get an article out. All I can say, we are not all the same. Please don’t group me with that type of sensationalised crap. I have never been a fan of sensationalised media or over-dramatisation. And an advocate of Australian news at news time and international news at another time. Plus, the international stories are mentioned in a manner that looks local.

There is my rant. But a few different angles this week with the goal post cam. And realistically, I think the goal post area is the best seat in the house.

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