Monday, October 3, 2022

Application Development

September 29 Issue Out Now #thebridgenews

Another week where the news doesn't stop. Been a different week with no sport last weekend. Now I await for other local sporting codes to start up.

KAJX Drone Adventures

I am loving my new little drone, and still amazed at what it can do. Still, a lot to learn. So happy that I haven't crashed it yet 🙂 It is bound to happen,...

September 22 Issue Out Now #thebridgenews

The Central Murray Football Netball League Grand Final was held in Swan Hill last weekend, marking the end of the season for local footy and netball players who were lucky enough to make it...

The KAJX Drone Adventures

I've always wanted a drone. I lacked confidence in buying one after I bought a cheap remote control helicopter which I lost control of in its second flight. 🙂 Recently, I was able to...