What is your Beef?

Livestream cancelled

Hello legends, I’ve been off work all week sick, and I am still not back to even remotely full strength and a croaky voice for broadcasting wouldn’t be fun for anyone. Shame as it...

Issue 4277 of the Bridge Newspaper is out now

Issue 4277 of the Bridge is jam-packed with local news from Koondrook, Barham, Cohuna, Moulamein and surrounding areas. Support your local independent paper by purchasing a copy in print form or subscribing to the...

This week’s Bridge is out now

I've had a fantastic week off work catching up on TV series, movies and international motocross racing vegging out on the couch not thinking, and enjoying the snuggles from the cat. The show went...

The Bridge Out Today

I have the privilege to work at the Koondrook Barham Bridge as a sports journalist and can always be found at a local sporting event in the area on weekends.