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Koondrook Test Results

Well, two out of three products failed. The ATEM switcher seems to be temperamental with its C port. YouTube movies say, just do this and this, and it works... Not on my ATEM. I...

Friday Night Broadcast Dec 1

I have been told the Koondrook Junior Cricket is going ahead tonight. What a great opportunity to test some gear and watch the development of Koondrook and Barham kids. SHDCA Under 16s matches that KAJX...

SHDCA Under 16 Friday Matches

Weather has led to the abandonment of Swan Hill District Cricket Association Friday night Under 16s matches. KAJX livestream will also be abandoned.

Kerang Vs Cohuna Basketball Livestream

Kerang Amateur Basketball Stadium will host Kerang vs. Cohuna matches on December 07. This unique event will start with Under 12 Boys at 5 pm, Under 14 Boys at 5.50 pm, Under 16 Girls...