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Riverina Cricket


I went on an impromptu trip to Nathalia to watch and livestream a junior cricket match between Southern Riverina and Melbourne-based Crusaders in beautiful weather.

During winter, the streaming kit was only being used to live stream CMFNL, but it was having some challenges due to the encoder on Thursday and Friday. I later discovered that the manufacturer had released a firmware update, which was installed halfway through the second match and resolved the issue. However, there are still a lot of streams from Nathalia where the encoder drops out every hour.

Now, I am ready for cricket season and any other sport that I can stream.



It has been a busy few weeks with football in two leagues (Central Murray and Golden Rivers Football Netball Leagues). I’ve recorded some final netball games, which can be viewed on the kajx112 YouTube page (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdI3BZ9IQxRtO72qq_0RKLA).

Now, the transition from Winter to Summer sports. Even though local cricket clubs have moved to the Swan Hill and District Cricket Association, kajx has been granted permission to continue broadcasting. The broadcasting is giving back to the sport. This year kajx hopes to cover more sports at Barham, Koondrook, Cohuna, Murrabit and Kerang, supporting Barham, Koondrook, Cohuna and Murrabit sporting teams.

We have a new gadget that is currently being tested and destroyed my last broadcast. Hmm, it’s great how it takes over the whole system, but not great when you don’t know how to use it, and it is not configured properly. Once I figure out this new tech that will revolutionise streaming, the device is so powerful, making the streaming more commercial-looking.

Welcome to warm weather sports streaming.

Goal Post Cam goes mobile


Unfortunately, we couldn’t get permission from the club to run my goal post cam on a goal post, so we went mobile. I fully understand why people don’t want to chat to the media.

I am pretty cruisy when chatting to people, and unless I say, ‘can I quote you on that’ and pull out my recorder, it doesn’t go anywhere. I just keep it in the memory bank for when something happens; I understand the situation better. And I wouldn’t want personal texts spread around; the theory is still the same. Can I quote you on that? As a text, it doesn’t go anywhere, either. It just adds background.

I have been bought up to behave in a manner, treat people how you wish to be treated, and with the added flare of Kendallism ‘if you treat me like shite, I’ll do the same.’

I’d like to think that I have credibility. As in, if people can’t trust you, why would they tell you stuff? I know I wouldn’t. What annoys me the most these days is the females that reported on Brittany Higgins. Lisa Wilkinson and Samantha Maiden have made the world of female journalism difficult. Who will trust female journalists with the negative publicity of these two? Plus the other female journalists that talk down to people and in an effort not to wet their pants to quickly get an article out. All I can say, we are not all the same. Please don’t group me with that type of sensationalised crap. I have never been a fan of sensationalised media or over-dramatisation. And an advocate of Australian news at news time and international news at another time. Plus, the international stories are mentioned in a manner that looks local.

There is my rant. But a few different angles this week with the goal post cam. And realistically, I think the goal post area is the best seat in the house.

Macorna Goal Post Cam


I was out at Macorna on August 5 and have been able to load the matches of the Goal Post Cam. Macorna Vs Murrabit

Reserves match and Sammy’s 450th


Kerang Turf Club Image Design


I was able to help out the Kerang Turf Club designing a social media image sharing the Mildura transferred meeting.

Join us for the Kerang Turf Club Race Meeting on Saturday, August 12th, 2023. Please note that due to flood damage, the winter meetings in Mildura have been transferred.

Admission is free and gates will open at 11:30 AM.

A full TAB meeting will take place, with on-course TAB and Bookmakers available.

Seating, food, and drinks will also be available for your convenience.

We hope to see you there.

Kerang Turf Club Race Meeting

Saturday, 12th August 2023

Free Admission

Gates Open at 11:30 AM

Country Racing VictoriaRacing Victoria Gannawarra Shire Council

Photo credit – The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper

Goal Post Cam


I have been experimenting with a GoPro camera on a football goalpost. Firstly, I tried at 1080p, but even though 4K is better quality, the GoPro eats the battery life. And with the time on large on the weekend, I was able to get most of the senior match.

Available in 4K

Available in 1080p

Kerang Soccer Club


I am home nursing a knee injury flare-up. The last sport I played Nationally was Soccer. I was a part of the Army Soccer Team last century (I need to remember the year). Anyway, 1 game, 1 assist against New Zealand. So to be able to help a local club is great.

Junior Sunday Soccer happens in Kerang at St Joseph’s Primary from 9 to 10m.

For the Adults, there is Monday night indoor Soccer. Two bucks a game, 7 PM Kerang Showgrounds Pavilion Shed.

KAJX Drone Adventures hits 50


Today’s Drone Adventures marks the 50th Drone video.

On the way home from the footy, trying to beat the sunset. I stopped near the Pyramid Creek Bridges on Cohuna Road (Murray Valley Highway) and launched the drone southward. Wear the water laid is still visible being surrounded by worked prime agricultural land.

You can view the over eight-minute flight here: https://youtu.be/n6OadEWNWFw

New Drone Adventures


Six months on from the Kerang floods, KAJX has repaired the Drone (new blades) and taken flight… A tad windy today, after no wind this morning when I planned the flight.

46 | Reedy Lake, this area was under flood water and closed the Murray Valley Highway. You can where the water sat and the plants/grass has not regrown.

47 | Lower Loddon Road, this road has a floodway section. KAJX put the drone up on a piece of road that was underwater, and near where the drone flew during the floods.

cluBarham Junior Bowls issues back up


Living in a rural community, if you want decent speed of internet or mobile coverage you have to choose Telstra as your mobile carrier. I have a frustrated relationship with Telstra. If I had the funds now I’d transfer to StarLink. One of the frustrating issues with Telstra, the restricting an account without notice, regardless of your credit or debt. I have a business mobile account, you’d think that would be better… No. Wake up on a certain day and find your account is restricted. You ring, because you have no internet to use the app, and it takes HOURS to fix. With the cause, your bill was due 5 days ago. Wouldn’t it be great to get a 24-hour warning text? That way you’d either pay it or request a payment extension. In my opinion, 80% of Telstra’s issues could be fixed with a 24-hour warning system. We have busy lives, and people forget things.

I also have a 15-buck SIM on that business account. Every time my account is restricted (as this genius forgot to pay it), I have to make sure that the SIM is also removed from its restriction. I always forget this. I remember when I need it.

From 9 am this morning, I was texting back and forth on the app to an AI bot that had me in circles for HOURS. When I received a human response, the issue still was not fixed, by 2 pm, I had enough of the whole crap. The issue is still not fixed.

It seems that when the internet drops out, the video switcher has to be restarted as the youtube website doesn’t recognise when the switch returns to streaming. There were a few restarts today.

Also with background music, I expect YouTube to find copywritten song material, due to the awesome radio at the dome. I will fix each ‘find’ if/when they occur.

Part 1 https://youtube.com/live/aXDnvJCZX80

Part 2 https://youtube.com/live/wXSwXEQwV2s

Part 3 https://youtube.com/live/3Jwb06ufpA4

Part 4 https://youtube.com/live/I42aDBuVG0k