Kendall Jennings established KAJX Communications in 2002, with KAJX standing for Kendall A. Jennings, who is a big X-Files fan. Kendall is a passionate motorcyclist who has been riding since age four. In 1998, she was introduced to the world of motocross racing and has been pursuing the sport ever since.

Apart from motorcycling, Kendall also indulges in various other interests like photojournalism, website design, iOS application development, radio presenting, live streaming, and podcasting. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Liberal Arts with a focus on history, writing, journalism, and radio at Charles Sturt University.

Kendall is grateful for the opportunity and support provided by CSU, which has helped her work around her injuries and illnesses and create a study schedule that works for her. Despite facing several mental breakdowns, she enjoys learning new skills and is always keen to acquire new knowledge.

Kendall Jennings founded KAJX Communications in 2002. (KAJX stands for Kendall A. Jennings, who is a big X-Files fan.)

“I am extremely passionate about motorcycles and have been riding a motorcycle since I was four. Being introduced to the world of motocross racing in 1998, I haven’t looked back.” Kendall Jennings.

Kendall also dabbles in:

  • Photojournalism
  • Website Design
  • iOS Application Development
  • Radio Presenting
  • Live Streaming
  • Podcasting
  • Drone

Kendall is studying at Charles Sturt University for a Bachelor of Liberal Arts concentrating on History, Writing, Journalism and Radio.

“I always enjoy learning a new skill and am extremely grateful for the opportunity and support CSU gives me. I’ve had a few mental breakdowns, I can’t study as I used to, and CSU has created a study schedule that works with my injuries and illnesses.” Kendall Jennings.

Kendall grew up playing highly competitive team sports. A training accident while servicing in the Australian Armey Reserves at 17. Kendall was unable to continue playing sports from the age of 19. The highest level was representing the Australian Army in soccer. Since then, she has focused on what she can do without participating. Photography was the answer.

Kendall feels extremely thankful to work as a staff sports photojournalist for an independent rural newspaper called the Koondrook and Barham Bridge, also known as #thebridgenews. According to Kendall, many talented local athletes are in the area, making capturing great photos easier. Kendall believes that the easier a manoeuvre looks, the more complex it is to perform.


Hello, I am Kendall Jennings

KAJX Communications is a one girl show. Based in Kerang, Northern Victoria.


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