KAJX Communications is a hobby business located in Kerang. It was established in 2002 by Kendall Jennings as a freelance motorsport photojournalist.

However, Kendall was injured in training as an Army Reservist, requiring multiple surgeries that left her on crutches for months. During this time, she taught herself various computer-related skills, such as photography, videography, website design, and application code.

Kendall is a sports photojournalist for the Koondrook and Barham Bridge Independent Newspaper.

The KAJX Communications Broadcast Box is a versatile video system that can capture, record, and broadcast live content (subject to internet availability and upstream capacity).

The KAJX videography system is designed for one person to operate three or four cameras with digital overlays. It can also include separate event or venue commentary to accompany the video footage. A wireless microphone is also available.

The Broadcast Box can be powered by a 240-volt power outlet or the KAJX generator; however, a power outlet is preferred. KAJX can build additional onscreen graphics to support the system, which can use a chroma key.

The Broadcast Box control area requires five square meters, with approximately one square meter per camera and an area for cabling and equipment power (a maximum of around 30 meters long and a width of two to three cables).

The recorded event broadcast files can be uploaded to KAJX Communications’ free YouTube channel @kajx112 or saved onto a thumb drive or portable hard drive.

The KAJX Broadcast Box is a high-quality product that fits a low budget. From meetings to sporting events, KAJX will try anything. The joy is using the equipment to help the community.

The onsite side of the Broadcast Box system requires a minimum of an hour for setup time and around 45 minutes for dismantling.


The cost of KAJX’s services is not fixed and may vary based on certain factors.

The pricing is determined by the distance to be travelled in kilometres and whether food, beverages, or accommodation will be provided.

Additionally, KAJX decides to donate equipment and time to events on a discretionary basis.

Therefore, the actual price of the service will be communicated after considering these factors.