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‘Go Blue to END BULLYING’ on May 10, 2024

A message from Dolly's Dream. Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in the incredible and emotional journey of Dolly's Dream so far.   After...

Cohuna Show BackUp Footaged Loaded

The 2024 Cohuna Show footage has been uploaded to the KAJX112 YouTube Channel. Stream Backup Files Camera Backup Files

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Koondrook Over 60’s Cricket Carnival

Koondrook will host rounds of the Echuca Over 60s Cricket Carnival this week, with matches played on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. At this stage,...

KAJX heads to the Cohuna Show Friday and Saturday

KAJX will be covering the Cohuna Show this Friday and Saturday. While KAJX will try to broadcast live, some internet issues on the oval may...


Today, March 9, KAJX will be at the Wakool Show for the equestrian show jumping and will stream the evening events afterwards. Streams will...

Wakool Show Live Streaming

KAJX will be heading to the Wakool Show on Saturday, March 9. Firstly, the equestrian show jumping. Then KAJX will stream the evening events. Streams will be...

Live Broadcasts Today From Koondrook | March 3

A massive day of cricket at Koondrook, hitting off at 8:40 Sunday Morning with the Northern Districts Cricket Association Grand Final Day 2. 

Live Broadcasts Today From Koondrook | March 2

A massive day of cricket at Koondrook, hitting off at 8:40 Saturday Morning with the Northern Districts Cricket Association Grand Final Day 1.  In the...

Live Broadcast Friday Evening | Mar 1

KAJX heads to Murrabit for the final instalment of the Murray Raiders Vs Woorinen match. Live from around 5:30 pm, with Murray Raiders at...

PhotoX Podcast Returns in 2024

PhotoX is a concise podcast that delves into the history of photography from various perspectives. Each episode is dedicated to exploring a specific topic....


Kendall Jennings established KAJX Communications in 2002, with KAJX standing for Kendall A. Jennings, who is a big X-Files fan. Kendall is a passionate...

KAJX Podcast History

The KAJX Podcast was a mobile amateur motocross radio station that allowed live event racing commentary to be heard online. The podcast focused specifically...

KAJX Drone heads to Kow Swamp


KAJX is live | Feb 24

KAJX is live from the Koondrook Recreation Reserve. Barham Koondrook B Grade faces Tooleybuc District.

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